Precious Things - an Art-book

Whispers, 2007

Objects, 2008

Lady with Griffon, 2007

‘Equilibrista’, 2007

Garden of Delights, 2008

Stars in the Sky, 2008

Autumnal Dream, 2008

Tale of a Butterfly, 2008

Summer Field, 2008

Girl on the Roof, 2008

Untitled, 2008

White Lilies, 2007

Memories, 2008

Puddletown, 2008

Rainbow Wings, 2007

Red Apple, 2008

Spirit of the Woods, 2008

Agata, 2008

Butterfly Wings, 2007

Midnight Ball, 2007

Mermaid, 2008

‘Pioggia’, 2007

Princess of Dolls, 2007

Rococo Doll, 2008

The Secret Life of Daydreams, 2007


A selection of some illustrations included in my first solo art-book. ‘Precious Things’ had been published in France by Le Calepin Jaune Editions as limited edition print in March 2009. All copies are sold out.




Le Calepin Jaune Edition – France




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